Sunday, 6 January 2013

Which side do you ..........

start a new piece?  All of you who instantly thought "dress on sir?" should take themselves straight to the naughty step in disgrace.  Whatever next.

As you can see, from this design I've just started on today (no further information is available at the present time) I'm a bottom right woman.  No playing safe and starting in the middle or top left in the hope that it will keep clean, it's down right and dirty for me every time.  You should have seen me in my youth!  I go hoopless too 'cos I'm a scruncher which you probably guessed.
I'd just like to say "Welcome to the madhouse" to all those foolhardy souls who have recently joined our merry throng. And to Harry, who had to be barred, "What on earth were you searching on?"  I've been able to welcome some of your personally by email but most of you are very coy about your particulars and I fully understand, a girl can't be too careful these days.  Eh Harry!
Oh! how cute - a cross stitch locust with a carnation for a tail.  I really must lay off the Roquefort when I'm designing in future.  Still on the meeting and greeting theme for a moment longer, thanks must go to Deborah and Jacqueline who have never steered me wrong (in their shoes the temptation would have been too great, I really do have a rather warped sense of humour at times).  Thank you ladies, the cheque's in the post. 
This royal personage certainly knows nothing about looking after horses, why everyone knows they prefer acorns.  Enough of this old horsefeathers, here comes an important news flash.  At the beginning of March there will be two new Long Dog's looking for good homes and I shall soon be releasing sneaky little peeks of them both for your delight and delectation.  I must stop watching period dramas for a while, I seem to have come over all "prithee" again or could it be a symptom of something much more serious - a full blown case of the Great Expectations?  Where's my pregnancy test kit, if the frog dies I could sell my story to the gutter press and retire.  I can see the headlines now with perhaps a flattering photo of me looking amazed (side-faced, extremely well lit and clutching a copy of one of the new designs of course). 
And here's a couple of dates for your diaries - 1st July 2013 and 1st November 2013.  That's when even more designs will be released and there will be no need for Alice to keep pestering me now I've told you.  You've had plenty of warning so if you budget wisely throughout the year you should be able to afford them both and still have pennies to spare for a few extra sweeties as well.
This one needs a caption.  Can't you just hear the miller's wife, her indoors, saying (in Dutch of course) - and don't you come back in here till you've put out that smelly old pipe.  How do you think she'll explain the squirrel to him?  
My friend Donna made me this magnificent beast and words simply can't describe just how good it is.
It's an "ambulatory cake" which means "adapted to walking".  You see I have this theory.  If I eat it while on the move all those naughty little calories it contains will burn off as I go.  So all that remains is to say TTFN (who else besides Deb remembers that?) because I'm off for a very long walk round the grounds of Chateau Long Dog - you didn't see how big a slice I cut myself!  I may be sometime, if it gets dark send out search parties.


  1. These are fabulous snippets - love them all. Did Hitchcock ever do a movie The Squirrets? If not he missed a great opportunity.

  2. Absolutely beautiful pieces! Love the horses on one of the designs. Enjoy your walk but more importantly ENJOY your cake!

  3. alright now, clarify on the squirrel! I see what I think are two deceased pigs, trotters up but no squirrel. And speaking of a scruncher, would you believe that I have left myself LESS than an inch on the left side of Pigalle. Talk about trying to get a hoop to hold the fabric. I need to learn that in-hand kind of stitching. Sigh

  4. Oh, wait! I think that must be a squirrel with a marvelously bushy tail climbing the ladder there on the left. I though t'was a wolf. And on the other that is what i get for NOT starting in the middle and also, secretly trying to save a few inches of linen. Now what can I use a 3 x 24" strip for, I want to know? I have only me to blame;

  5. In the middle or upper left - and not because I don't want to get the piece dirty but I just prefer to work down rather than up! So far, knock on wood, I've had to do no scrunching and will stitch in hand much of the time!