Thursday, 10 January 2013

You know what they say .....

..... if you can remember the 60's then you probably weren't there.  Yes, I know you weren't born then Mary Sue but you're missing the point dear (as usual).

Was I alone in sewing monstrosities like this to adorn the walls of my tiny bedsit (more like a cupboard) which just happened to be at the classy end of Brixton Hill, saarf London if that's not a contradiction in terms.  I wonder if they ever did manage to sort out that nasty cockroach infestation in the basement?

Yes, I'm feeling all nostalgic today as you may already have gathered.  This little dude was my first ever sampler.  It was a pattern given away free inside Pins & Needles (a sewing magazine now long gone except on e-bay) which, with the aid of a stonking hot iron and a steady nerve, could be transferred onto a fabric of your choice all ready to sew.

Well into my 60's now bits of me still swing but sadly it's just gravity at work and not that same infectious joie de vie that was in the very air we breathed back in the day.

Seems like only yesterday that I worked on the Kings Road in Chelsea (in a boring bank, not a trendy boutique), drove my customised mini, wore positively indecent mini-skirts and bought my sanies at Harrods food hall.  I even danced with John Lennon but that's a tale for another day, or maybe not - a girl must have some secrets, it adds to her alure!

How time flew when we were having fun, eh Camilla?  MAY THE BEAT GO ON!


  1. OMG! John Lennon?! Please do tell!!!!!!!

  2. The fun still goes on, just more carefully, I can attest. :-)

  3. Ah, not alone in stitching things we thought beautiful at the time! Fortunately my efforts did not stand the test of time. ;-)

    Still having fun but without the giddiness of youth!

  4. Oh come now, a teaser like that can not remain unspoken! Do tell the story of dancing with John Lennon!!!!! Sadly, I do remember the 60s and yes, I was there - although a mere slip of myself today! LOL