Thursday, 16 April 2015

Heh'yuh got yar arly tearters in yit?

Translation from Broad Norfolk into English for those
of you unfamiliar with this particular dialect:
"Have you planted your early potatoes yet?"
my reply being "That I h'aint!"
Perhaps I should put hidden mikes in the composter to catch gossip.
I share this brief, jocular exchange from the allotment
at sparrow fart this morning simpy because today
I am struggling to find something to "mardle" on about to "yew."

My aspirations - taken last year.  I live in hopes.
Now that my health seems to be much improved and that
I am no longer "ill a bed as was up" (poorly, crook) and
that all the trials and tribulations of finalising my
affairs in France seem to be finally at an end,
I am at a loss, at times, to bring you something
amusing to read when enjoying your first coffee of the
day or having a quick catch up whilst waiting for the plummer.
So help me out here please.  What do you like?
What do you want to know about (within reason)?
What do you want more of?  If you don't tell me
I shall never know.
It's hard to believe that I have just celebrated my
first six months of residence at the Lock-Up (or Naughty
Corner as it has locally become known).

Long Dogs - all, as yet, unpublished, just be patient.

I am constantly working on new designs for your
delight and delictation which I like to keep close to my chest
until they're ready for release so although you can show me
yours I'm certainly not going to show you mine until the
time is right.  Which, according to my mother, was certainly
not until after the engagement at the earliest and only
on high days and holidays once the marriage had taken place!
She knew how to keep a man dangling if you know
what I mean.

Poldark (Aidan Turner) - hot enough for you?
So be prepared for a little less drama and excitement in future
as I go about my daily round, trusty Pentax in hand in search
of hot topics, hot men and hot gossip for your ears only.
That last sentence is almost guaranteed to talk something up!
"Dew yew keep a troshin."
(translation: take care of yourselves).   

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