Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Not one but two ........

.... birthdays.  That is if you're HMTQ and today is
her "actual" birthday as opposed to her "official" one which
always falls some time in June which nicely coincides
with the tourist season and Trooping the Colour!
This picture took some finding.
Born in 1926 she's been around all my life and it's
really quite difficult to imagine what it would be like
without her and her selfless devotion to duty.
Good on you ma'am.  I can't say I'd want to step into
her shoes for even a day despite her enormous wealth.
She scrubs up quite well really.
Every move she makes is photographed, chronicled and
analysed.  Her clothes are discussed with every change
of outfit - too expensive, too dowdy, worn before.
Her hair is beaten into submission like a second crown
and as for her family/private life everything is acted
out in the full gaze of a watching nation who would
all scream blue murder if their own privacy was even
slightly invaded.
She must ber having a bad "heir" day.
This tireless lady has my complete admiration and
long may she continue to reign - well have you seen what's
coming next?
That's better, she's cheered up again.  Her horse must have won.
Happy Birthday your Majesty.
Will you be nipping out for a canter later on today while
no one's looking?  I do hope so.

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