Thursday, 2 April 2015

Introducing Katharine Lightfoot

I recently saw an interview with this talented young artist
and found myself captivated not only by her
rugged animal portraits but also by the wacky way she paints.
Kat at work in her studio
 Her madness had no apparent method that I could readily
discern.  She's a "just splosh it on" kind of a girl.

At one stage during the conversation she totally amazed the
presenter, and I suspect anyone else watching including
myself, when she decided to turn her canvas upside down
and continued painting with it like that for a good ten minutes
with equaly stunning results.
Highland cow
 Katharine was born in 1972 (oh how that makes me feel old),
and moved to Dartmoor in 1998.  It's from these wild,
remote moors that she draws her inspiration which she sets
down in oils on huge canvases at extremely high speed.
In the judge's enclosure
Animal portraits and the farming life make up the bulk of her
portfolio but she is equally capable of turning out thrilling
seascapes at the drop of a sable-haired brush. 

Sheep - probably her favourite subject

She currently lives near Crediton in mid-Devon and is married
to the landlord of The Lamb Inn, Sandford where not only
can you get to see some of her work on display but also get
to sample some award winning pub grub to boot.
What's not to like about that?

Some of her work on display

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