Friday, 10 April 2015

Fine feathers make fine birds .......

....... and pictures too!
Chris Maynard, from Olympia in Washington, USA,
feather artist extraordinaire, is the ultimate upcycler
although some would argue that his plumes were equally
as beautiful first time around when modelled
by their original owners.
Chris is not some clandestine pheasant plucker
(careful how you say that) who collects his raw materials
at dead of night in some leafy glade.

No!  All his wonderfully exotic feathers come from
zoos and aviaries after the moult when the birds are glad
to see the back of them I suspect.  I wonder if they get
all itchy before they drop out?  Just another of those questions
to which I shall probably never get an answer, but I bet they do!
Even more fiddly than cross stitch.
 All of Chris' little masterpieces are displayed in hand crafted
shadow boxes (deep frames Alice dear).  But way before he
gets to that stage, using a small scalpel as his primary tool,
Chris meticulously fashions his images creating beautiful works
of art from discarded plumes.
He somehow manages to give each feather a new role to
play in centre stage of his canvases to the external delight of
his audience of rapturous onlookers.
If you want to onlook for yourself then click and go on the link below:

La plume de ma tante est maintenant dans
le shadow box de Chris Maynard!

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