Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Kell's Eden

Kell's Eden is the latest Long Dog Sampler to roll off
the press and must surely please not only A&E fans
but also lovers of spot sampler motifs and,
of course, the masochists amongst you who just
crave something big to get your needles into.
Fancy a game of Snakes & Appils?
It's the second "Kell's" sampler and makes an excellent
companion piece for Kell's Kritters which was
released several years ago now.
In all it's glory
The framework was adapted from the highly decorated
opening words of St Matthew's Gospel in the
Book of Kells which is possibly the richest,
most copiously illustrated manuscript version of the
four Gospels in the Celto-Saxo style that still survives.
It is currently housed in the Old Library of
Trinity College, Dublin.
The design measures 276 x 370 stitches and
is priced at £16.20.

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