Monday, 27 April 2015

A load of balls and a "crackpot" idea

I have a friend who, like me, is into stones in a big way.
It just so happens that she is trying to clear some
room prior to the arrival of a new set of paws
and I am trying to fill some sadly not with paws
but with stones.
Look into my balls, I see .......
So, as you will see from the following photo's
that's exactly what's happened and I am now the proud
owner of some pre-owned balls both polished
to a high sheen and au naturel.
Probably fired at Waterloo!
The polished bad boys have taken up residence on
my kitchen window sill and have nearly managed
to completely blind me on a couple of occasions
when the sun has been streaming into my parlour from
a jaunty angle.
He's keeping an eye on it for me in case Mrs C appears.
As for a "crackpot" idea, the same splendid lady passed on to
me a rather broken garden planter which had belonged to
a mutual friend of ours and as I really hate to see
anything with potential doing nothing this is what
I decided to do with it.
What can I bodge up next?
Eat your heart out Mrs C - no you can't have it back!

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