Thursday, 12 February 2015


Greed is a sin of excess.
It's a sin that inspires actions such as scavenging,
hoarding, trickery and manipulation.
Erich Fromm (remember him, I think he was in Train Spotting)
said greed was "a bottomless pit which exhausts the
person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without
ever reaching satisfaction." which pretty much sums it up.
Now that's what I call a slice.
If greed is the excessive desire for wealth then bring it on!
Who doesn't fancy a huge slice of the cake for themselves?
It seems that old Erich was not alone and that everybody who
was anybody had something to say on the subject.
Let me guess.  You want a piece of cake too.
Tobias Smollett coined that catchy phrase *greedy as a vulture"
and Bertold Brecht, who was probably quite pissed at the time
and obviously not following the plot said, "Sucked him
dry like a raw egg." which was most enlightening.

Moi?  Greedy?  They were on special offer.
Now not many people know this (any excuse to quote/show
a picture of Michael Caine) - when a ping pong game is
really close "getting greedy" refers to taking huge risks to
gain a point.  But did you know that Caine is an anagram
of cinema?  Michael told me that himself just the other day.
Well, if I'm totally honest, me and all the other thousands of people
watching his recent TV interview.
Light it again Sam, I think it's gone out.
"Don't Bogart that joint, my friend, pass it over to me."
That's the latest street talk about being greedy. 
That's cool.

Repeat after me - I'll take two of everything.
I know it will come as no surprise when I say that over at the
Long Dog web site greed is not only positively encouraged,
it is also rewarded so anyone ordering fifty or more designs
in one go will receive one free as a token of our appreciation.
You won't find another offer like that in a hurry.
Anyone found time wasting will be boiled in hot oil,
painted bright yellow and turned into a frog.
That's the rules for greed.
GLUTTONY is only a mouthful away,
so please don't attempt to speak - just keep chewing.

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