Friday, 6 February 2015


Anger, pronounced "angrrrrrr" and also known as "wrrrrrath"
is the third of the Deadly Sins.  We do it because we're hot wired
for it and because there's some pretty damned infuriating
people around and stuff going down.  Even God had his
moments in the Old Testament and did a bit of smiteing here
and there, thunderbolts an optional extra!
When he points that finger best take cover fast.
Anger, it would appear, is only frowned upon if you're already
a sinner and then, what the hell, by that time what's one more
sin if you're already on the slippery slope to damnation.

It's not only humans that lose it from time to time.
The righteous, on the other hand, are allowed to get a bit arsey
at times and even have a form of indignation set aside
just for them.

Apologies for the language but you have to admit he does look really mad.
Heated words, cool malice, deadley fueds, the furious rush of
adrenaline, the most destructive of the Seven Deadley Sins.
Which of us stitchers hasn't at some time hurled their work across
the room, uttered dark Anglo-Saxon curses whilst
unpicking the final stitches of a giant, intricate border which
turns out to be two rows down from the start for some
inexplicable reason.

Do I look as if I'm hiding your threadpack?
That feeling of fury when the postman passes and still the
threadpack hasn't arrived.

That's OK - it was only the carpet this time.

And, worst of all, that urge to rage
around the place tearing out fistfulls of hair when a stray
drip of red wine lands on your work leaving a stain which
can't possibly be hidden up even by moving a couple of motifs.
Don't drink and drive, don't sip and sew.  Aaaaargh!

Do Bears, the best calming device around.
Now please don't bare your teeth in a display of anger when I
sneakily attempt to divert you over to the Long Dog website where
I have the ideal project to stitch while putting your anger
management skills into practice.  Do Bears - it's the only
choice as the bear is the designated anger animal, stitch in red
as it's the anger colour but do concentrate.  We don't want
anyone "dismembered alive" with their own needle
which is the punishment for anger.  Blood stains are even worse
than wine for causing "stitch rage!"
SLOTH's up next if you can summon up sufficient energy to join me.

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