Sunday, 22 February 2015

Give 'em the bird!

It was my dear French friend Francoise' birthday
recently and, as it's such a faff trying to exchange gifts
by post. we tend to go instead for "interesting" cards.

Francoise is heavily into her birds as anyone who has ever
driven past her gaff will testify.  Clouds of them flit in and
out of her hedges, flocks of them roam her enormous garden
and, at times, it's difficult to see the water in her small lake
for the sheer number of water birds floating on it.

Hard hats are strongly recommended for anyone attempting
to approach her backdoor for fear of nutting themselves
on one of the multitude of bird feeders which festoon
both sides of the pathway up to the porch.


This year I chose one of a goldfinch from the RSPB range of
musical cards.  Pricey but it fitted the bill, or should that be beak?
There are literally hundreds of these little buggers around at the
time of her anniversary and they always remind me of her.

What I had failed to take into the equation was dear old Ulysse
her beautiful African grey parrot.  I love that bird - he once
bit my husband!

The boy Ulysse as opposed to Hylas, boy Hylas but that's
another story.

The moment Ulysse heard the birdsong as the card was opened
he became transformed and has apparently been strutting
his stuff in an amorous way ever since.

He is also a marvellous mimic and the sound of fake and incessant
goldfinch song from morn till night is beginning, I gather,
to wear a little thin.  Who's a pretty boy then?

The burning question now is what should I do about the
card I bought at the same time for her husband Jean-Pierre who's
birthday is in a couple of weeks time?
It could well put a strain on Anglo-French relations for a while
if Ulysses gets so much as a sniff of it.

Known to the French as "le cuckoo"

Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!
What the hell - I'll send it anyway.

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