Sunday, 1 February 2015


According to some sources, Pride is the sin from which all others
arise, the punishment for which was being broken on the wheel.
Each sin was also allocated it's own colour (as you do) and an
animal associate for good measure.  In this case violet and
the horse who's pride, to this day, is referred to as it's "mettle".
I love a stallion with a bit of attitude.  What do you say Ginger?
That's my boy!
Personally I'm a born sinner and can't see what's wrong with a bit
of pride.  It's a sense of one's own proper dignity or value; of self-
respect; it makes you fair want to beam when a goal is achieved;
it's the warm glow a parent experiences when one of their sprogs
has done something noteworthy for a change.  I wonder if the
mother was too proud to push but that might lead us all off at
another one of my tangents.
Is that my boy?
Now here's where sinfulness starts to creep in when things are
worded just a little differently.  Pride is "to indulge in a feeling of
pleasure and satisfaction".  I shall resist the temptation to follow
that particular line of argument to it's possible conclusion not for
fear of another tangent but of sudden blindness or hairs starting
to sprout from the palms of both hands.
That's worse than the wheel any day!
As proud as a peacock
So there you have it - proud (complimentary) = overjoyed,
delighted, happy; proud (disapproving) = I think JF Powers
summed it up rather succinctly when he said "The curate sounded
proud, like someone who habitually brushed his teeth with salt!"
Mots d'Amour - perhaps this should have been Lust!
I am humunguously proud of all my Long Dog's large or small,
mono or multi, wicked and wanton so if you're feeling a bit
sinful nip along to the website and chose a naughty little number
for yourself:
Each chart comes with pride guaranteed once the design has been
stitched and even more dollops of pride after it's been framed.
Tune in next time folks for ENVY the green-eyed monster!

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  1. Oh my! I do indeed love a stallion with attitude! :-)