Monday, 9 February 2015


I thought we might take time off from our sins today
as I wanted to give you a progress update of the
remodelling of the lock-up.
Floor plan
As you can see from the plan, it's certainly bijoux, to use
estate agent parlance, and if I'm perfectly honest it's
pokey in the extreme.  But it's MY pokey -
and that's what really counts.
Conservatory - before

 I'm also coming to realise that pokey has some very definate
advantages - less to clean, less to heat and less to worry about.
Mains drainage is an absolute bonus after years of terrible
pongs from a very dodgey septic tank, roof tiles that
don't rattle and threaten to fall off in even the slightest breeze
have to be an improvement and no more strange scrabbling noises
coming from the grenier causing the lights to flicker has to be
a relief. 

Conservatory - after

I am particularly pleased with the way the bedroom has turned
out as it's quite a difficult shape to furnish effectively.

Blurry bedroom at the time of the previous owner.

Now all I need is someone to share it with - occasionally.
I'm not sure I have the stamina or the inclination for a full-time
playmate anymore.  By that I mean one that doesn't
have fur or a wet nose.  Although, come to think of it, that
description could quite easily fit a few of the blokes I've  known
in the past so I think I'll move on swiftly from this line of chat.

Bedroom now in my sticky little hands.
 All in all I am content with my lot.
I might even go so far as to say I'm rather happy.
An excstatic rating, however, could only be achieved with the
addition of a dog!



  1. I agree. It looks great and may just be the perfect size for one person.

  2. You have worked a subtle magic here - now it is your home xx