Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Home Contents Insurance - aaargh!

This morning I popped into the office, which is
the beating heart of our little community, to flag up a
problem with my gutters.  Whilst there I just happened to
glance at the notice board and saw a poster
for a company offering contents insurance
specially tailored for people in similar circumstances
to myself.

Knowing my luck, I thought I'd better.
 Good, I thought, that will save me a trip into Norwich
so I jotted down the details (including an extremely attractive
first year offer of £25.54 which is less than 50p per week
as they were quick to point out for those of us whose
wits are too addled to work it out for themselves.)

Is your mummy there Peter?
 Back at the lock up I wasted no time in phoning and spoke
to a "child" who introduced himself as Peter.
I was tempted to ask if his mummy knew he was playing
with the phone but somehow managed to resist.
Now we get to the bit which outraged me.
We went through all the rigmarole and small talk and
he quoted me a figure of £56.92.  That's strange,
I said in my best dowager voice, the poster in the office
said £25.54 for the first 12 months.  How do you
explain that?

Don't mess with the wrinklies - some of us still have teeth!
 Without turning a hair he told me that company policy was
to only offer the lower price if challenged.
I'll leave it to your own imaginations to write
the ending to this little scenario as I don't really want
to go into print with my exact words.
But to give you a clue - thieving and another word for
illegitimate were in there somewhere.

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  1. So, did you get the price reduction? I'm sure you can be quite challenging if needs be! :)