Wednesday, 8 October 2014

You can call me Pat

In sunny downtown Toronto there's a Spanish
style tapas restaurant that goes by the name of Patricia,
although she's know as Pat to all the locals.
But this is no ordinary eatery because they've literally
been driven up the wall with cross stitch.
Laura Carwardine did all the stitching by hand with a
little help from her friends.
I wonder what count of mesh she used?
For those of you into stats - you need to get out more.
It took two months to complete,
or 485 hours of work if you prefer.
There are 17,000 stitches spread over 21 x 4' by 8' panels.
That may sound a lot but I've just worked it out and
Dawn Chorus weighs in at 17,673 stitches.
So there should be nothing stopping you -
think big, climb the walls, the sky's the limit.
And imagine what you could accomplish with something
the size of Bois le Duc.
Do you think the vicar would mind if I gave his steeple a little touch up?


  1. Oooh a restaurant named after me. And with cross stitch on the walls! I see a trip to Toronto in my future!

  2. Quite an interesting wall of stitches. I must admit I rather you keep designing the big pieces you do for us!

    1. Then you should love the next design I'm working on - it's a big old boy!

  3. Bring it on! I love the big ones!