Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A little bit of gothic .....

...... never comes amiss this close to Halloween.
So where better to find some than down among the dead men
(and women, or course) in the churchyard at St Ed's.
Imagine the scene in a couple of sleeps time, just as darkness
is falling, when the local spotty youths will be congregating
in the bus shelter before
daring each other to take the short cut past all the
spooky gravestones on their way to the local
supermarket to buy their cheap cans of lager and eye
up the local talent.  The only night of the year when
they won't be put off by a couple of warts and a pointey hat.
I included this one not because I thought it might send the
odd shiver or two down your spines but because I thought
it showed potential as a cross stitch motif.
I'm sure the owner won't mind and judging by the date
it's well out of copyright.
Always save the best till last ......
..... and this one really would make you jump if you turned
round suddenly and hadn't realised she was there!
Happy haunting.

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