Friday, 10 October 2014

It's been raining .... quite a lot .....

..... inside and out!
The chewing gum trick didn't stop the problem for long.
It might work at that.
If it had carried on much longer I was seriously contemplating
turning the conservatory into a giant acquarium.
It would have been rather cool to sit in my one comfy chair
watching creatures of the deep swim past my patio doors.
It still might happen ......
But then the sun came out from behind the clouds
and I telephoned the local builder to come
and survey the damage.
Sideways of course.
With perfect timing the door bell rang just as I had put the last
Bourbon biscuit in my mouth - whole.
An awquard silence ensued as I tried not to dislodge
my false teeth in my haste to deal with the offending object.
"I'll wander through and take a look shall I?", he said,
like a true gentleman, leaving me to regain my composure
and empty my mouth at the same time.
It was just as I caught up with him standing on tiptoes in the
middle of the conservatory with the old blinds draped around
his shoulders like some oversized military sash, that a sound
like a pistol shot rang out leaving my ears ringing and my
heart beating a tad faster than usual.
"Thought so," he said, sucking on his teeth "Hear that?
(Of course I bloody did, they heard it in the village).
The roof's gone brittle, happens all the time.
I'll measure up and let you have an estimate for a
replacement.  Should be able to get you sorted next spring
if we get some decent weather."
A fine example of "brittle roof syndrome"
I thought that selling the Chateau meant leaving these sort of
problems far behind me in France for someone else to deal with.
It seems I was mistaken - I've inherited some new ones.
Fasten your seatbelts - here we go again!


  1. Oh, no! The joys (?) of home ownership ... Hope you can get it sorted quickly.

  2. Oh my! I hope that waiting till Spring will work. That seems a long way off!

    As Patricia stated above - the joys of home ownership. Sigh.....