Thursday, 2 October 2014

Greetings from "The Lock-Up"

You find me finally installed in my very own, bijou
residence in the lively little market town of Acle,
oft referred to as the gateway to the Norfolk Broads.
But more of that another day as I must make this quick,
as I said to my new milkman only this morning
as he tempted me with his goldtop, I have much to do!
The "Lock-Up", as I have decided to call it,
is etremely small.  Good job I don't have a cat as there
would be nowhere to swing it. 
In fact, the whole building would probably have fitted
into the kitchen at the Chateau and then leave
room to spare.  Still, no matter, size isn't everything
and there is less to heat, clean or, indeed, worry about.
And on the plus side it comes not only with a milkman
but also a gardener too. 
Oh! happy days - I've got staff again!
Told you it was small - that fence is the end of the garden!
I think with a little luck I could be very happy here
even though I did set the kitchen on fire on day one.
Well, how was I to know the cooker switch operated the
hob too?  I would never have covered it with things had
I been aware, but the emergency services were really
very sweet about it all considering!
Tales from "The Lock-Up"
will continue very soon possibly in 3-D.


  1. Home from the hill...(Calvary by the sounds of it). Excellent news - hope you can enjoy the contentment and the groovy kind of peace you deserve.

  2. I have to admit there were times when I wondered whether I would make it. All is now safely gathered in and only one cheap, white plate broken in the process. My collection of china greyhounds still have all four feet, noses, ears and tails which is a minor miracle in itself if you'd seen how the boys packed me!