Thursday, 28 February 2013

OK so let's cut to the chase ......'s launch date minus one and I simply can't contain myself any longer (but, as usual, that's another story and there's no place for mention of incontinence aids and such like on a blog of this stature.  If however you find this subject is of interest simply Google "Age Concern" they're very helpful - so I'm told).  Let's press on with the first one .....

Here it is - Hare Apparent in all it's full glory.  It's got more rabbit than Sainsbury's as we used to say quaintly when I was a child.  I could explain but I can't be bothered and it's pretty boring any way.  And here below is one I creased earlier .....
Yes, I know, you don't have to tell me, I'm a slob when it comes to ironing but then someone has to set the bar low so that all the rest of you can feel good.  How was that for a cop out? 
Now here's one to conjure with and no mistake.  What do you get when you cross the opening words of St Luke's gospel in the Book of Kells (he was quite speechless when I showed it to him, by the way) with a 17th century spotte sampler?  No Alice dear, not complete chaos - partial maybe.  Answer - Kell's Kritters, the ultimate in fusion stitching!
Once more in the flesh so to speak and once more with no apologies for the creases.  You see it can be done and who knows you might even live long enough to get it finished if you start very soon which brings me on to this - the hard sell!
Now if that crusty old Lord Kitchiner wants you to shop how can you possibly refuse.  If you stare for long enough his moustache begins to move - yes, really Deb.  So you should all know by now what you have to do next, proceed directly to the Long Dog Samplers site (there's a handy link at the top of this page so no excuses) and say very loudly to the nice lady "I should like one of each please".  Remember - happiness is only a click away.


  1. OMG -- Hare Apparent is a MUST HAVE - MUST STITCH - MUST BUY -- asap! ;)

  2. I've just ordered both of them. They are GREAT!!!!!