Friday, 2 October 2015

Heavens above!

Extract from Leo horoscope, first decan for the month of September 2015: 

"Freedom is something
you seek but be wary of the costs when pursued without
caution.  Align your behaviour with the heavens and rise
above the mundane.  Don't be afraid to express the fun side
of your personality.  Blessings are in store for you."


Newspaper headline for 28th Septembrer 2015:

"Lunar eclipse will turn supermoon a deep dusty red;
religious groups predict the End of Days is nigh;
the next won't be until 2033 (so this could well be my last)."


So what does all this signify; what was my astrologer trying
to tell me; and, better still, what did I do?  Are you sitting
comfortably, then I'll "reveal all".

Glastonbury Tor, one of my favourite places.

At 3.30am GMT I crept out of bed, where I had been watching
catch-up TV on my tablet to keep myself awake, and took off 
all my kit.  Then, stark naked as I came into this world, I opened
my front door and stepped out under the porch in all my glory.
And there I stood looking up at the sky as the huge,
bright moon gradually darkened and turned blood red.
How pagan was that?  And a bit parky too!

The fairies down the road were out partying too!

I think that ticked all the boxes - freedom without caution,
aligned with the heavens and certainly having a laugh.
And the "costs when persued without caution" must surely be
the streaming cold I caught that night which is currently
making me feel like the End of Days really is imminent.

Kissing of the ring was not required on this occasion.

And as for the bit about "blessings are in store for you",
do you think that being taken by the hand and blessed by
the Bishop of Thetford last Sunday counts?
Whether or not it does, that's another story for
another day and not one I'm quite ready to share just yet ,,,,,,

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