Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Shadow Puppets

Hands up.  Who remembers doing shadow puppets
when they were a kid?

Let me guess - is it a rabbit?

Those were the days when we were poor but happy
and made our own amusement (not that kind of
amusement Angela dear).  

It;s quite easy once you start.

In that golden age long before
television, internet, space travel and Game of Thrones
I can actually recall the whole family sitting round
in the semi-darkness making weird and wonderful
animals appear on the wall by the light of the fire

You need a steady hand for those stripes.

It was so mind-numbingly boring that bed time
and the invention of the aforementioned diversions 
just couldn't come soon enough.

This one's for the more adventurous

However with the aid of all the latest body paints
now so readily available and just a little imagination
the tedious old shadow puppet has come of age
and made a come back in the guise of hand art.

You might need help with this one.

No need to wait for darkness to fall and the
fire to be lit just grab a fine paintbrush, a few
little pots of magic colours and away we go
limited only by what we can dream up in our
mind's eye.

Congratulations - it's twins.

But why stop there, why not the whole body.
Perhaps I'd better put a match to the fire just
to take the chill off as next week's instalment
"Body Painting for Beginners" requires
getting our kit off.  Such fun.

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