Friday, 23 October 2015

In my dotage ......

.... I have to fess up to having the odd senior moment every
now and then but who doesn't?

Can you hear it ringing?

I've lost my glasses only to find them sitting on top of my
head; I've had to ring my mobile from the landline to
find out where I'd buried it.

I've absent-mindedly tipped all the sugar into my mug instead
of the sugar jar and I've completely lost the thread of what
I was saying rather too often for comfort.

Aaah!  So that's who actually took the biscuit.

But today I really racked things up a notch when I tried to
open the fridge door wearing my oven gloves.
Now that really does take the biscuit! 


  1. I am afraid I am right there with you. Too many times have done just these very things. We are in the same boat. Now here is the question. That top picture - I am sure that is the hind end of a dog. Where the the tail is, I cannot detect and where the head has disappeared to - I guess in that dirt pile he must have been digging - is rather along the same lines. We cannot find our own head with all the things we have stuck it into of late. Does that make any sense? Didn't think so.

    1. With this blog it probably helps to be a bit deranged. As for the phone digging Jack Russel he has got a bit of a tail (they're quite often docked) but from that angle it's not too easy to see.