Saturday, 17 October 2015


Do you recognise this man?

Probably not, although he's widely recognised as an
outstanding photographer of dogs amongst other things.
It's Martin Usborne - so now you know.
And if you continue reading you will become ever more
enlightened on this fascinating subject.

But before we continue there is just one more question
that needs to be asked.  Hands up, who knows about Kickstarter?
Because Kickstarter and Martin Usborne go hand in hand.

It's an internet based funding platform for creative projects
which does just what it says on the tin.  Backers pledge money
to join creators in bringing projects to life.
It's Dragon's Den online.

The Silence of Dogs in Cars is a photography art book which
took Martin two years to put together.  It's a haunting portrait
series of dogs as they sit and wait inside locked cars seemingly
sheltered and protected and yet utterly vulnerable they wait
trapped and uncertain of what lies ahead.  The self same
unease experienced by Martin as a child and beautifully
expressed through his images.

Where Hunting Dogs Rest is the modern day story of the Spanish
galgo and spotlights the dark side of the Spanish hunting dog.
Once it was a serious crime to kill a galgo, the dogs were highly
prized, but in his book Usborne centres on their fall from grace
and the darker side of the modern story of these blue-blooded dogs.

Inspired by the earthy palette and dramatic lighting of Velazquez'
seventeenth century paintings he brings the plight of these 
magnificent creatures to life through his deeply moving images.

10% of the proceeds from the book will go to aid the galgos.
Nip over to Kickstarter and have a gander for yourself and
get a copy, these dogs need all the help they can get.

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  1. Thanks so for posting this. i watched the video and now see Martin's book is on Amazon for sale. I am so happy his project is a success. I loved seeing the dogs and understand just that look they have - waiting in the car just as I did as a child, wondering.