Sunday, 11 October 2015

Body Painting for Beginners

Welcome one and all to the Long Dog
Body Painting Workshop.
It's a bit like customizing cars but without
the spray guns.

Can't tell who this is but it's very good.

I hope you've all brought your paints and that
you remembered to wash out your brushes from
last time.  I might have known yours would
still be all stiff Camilla.

We seem to be getting into the swing of it now.

So let's press on shall we.
The studio is all nice and warm and there's
plenty of room for everyone so who wants to go
first and break the ice?

I think that's Polly but I'm not quite sure.

I might have known this bunch would be
inhibited, it comes from years of always covering
your lap with some cross stitch.

That's a bit too realistic Janice, the budgie's none too happy.

Let's just turn out the lights and on the count
of three we'll all get our kits off.
One - two - three ...........

I just knew this would happen the moment Sandra and
her mates from the pub turned up.
Those naughty girls never take anything seriously.

Hey ho.  Here's my attempt.
Can you tell what I'm meant to be?

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