Friday, 30 May 2014

Three tell-tale signs .....

.... that there's a princess around!
View from my heavily personalised "arrow slit" from whence inspiration cometh.
You may recall that I am currently squatting in the east turret
of Castle Long Dog with my son, his beautiful Ozzie Sheila wife
and their daughter, the fair Ocean Lily.
There's three sure-fire ways to tell that you're in the entourage
of a three year old royal:
1.  Pink rules, OK!
2.  A vast number of key words in a conversation now have to be spelled out, and
3.  Something very odd seems to happen to the toilet rolls from time to time.
No Alice, I haven't sneaked the Andrex puppy in under cover of darkness. 
My heart remains forever true to lurchers and longdogs.
I do so miss them.


  1. Funny things happening to toilet rolls is not exclusive to three year olds Include Bengal cats and eighteen year old sons into the mystery as well hehehe

  2. Why hasn't anyone invented the self-rewinding toilet paper roll hanger yet - it can't be rocket science. When I was young I had a friend who worked for the summer vac in a rather grand house for rather grand people and it was one of her jobs to pre-separate and lay out the toilet paper ready for use - and to flush the loo!