Sunday, 25 May 2014

In a "houndbag"?

.... to misquote Lady Augusta Bracknell.
The houndbag to which I refer certainly had no part to play
in Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Ernest"
but a leading role in the life and times of a Long Dog woman like me.
I went to heft it onto my shoulder this morning as is my wont only
to be met by several tons of resistance. 
It was very heavy.  Had what strength I had deserted me in the
night or was it time for drastic action - a clear out?
The tassells had to stay (they were from Mouche's old collar) and it
wouldn't be a houndbag without the resident plastic greyhound now would it?
Mirror, tweezers, comb, nail file, lippy x 2 (both the same shade).
lead pencil, purse and tape measure - all vital parts of my kit.
Wallet - yes, shades - yes, you never know when you will be invited
to an impromptu Blues Brothers party, racy hat with feather - he and
I are never parted - I've had him since he was a pup,
 greyhound/fox head bangle - silly question, obligatory!
Assorted cables and leads, calculator, air mail stickers, another pencil,
stapler, Dad's old penknife and army lighter, polished carnelian stone
(a present from Lisa), tiny porcelain plate out of a Christmas
galette du roi, a piece of enamelled Maundy money and a packet of
Garibaldi biscuits (or squashed fly if you prefer, well out of sell by date)
- definately all items required on voyage.
Which only leaves my Kindle Fire (the charger has already been mentioned).
French 2-pages per week diary and a boxed set of Hamish Macbeth DVD's
- all compulsory.
So do I take up weight training to improve my arm muscles
or get some wheels fitted?

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