Monday, 26 May 2014

"B" is for .......

BANK HOLIDAY - yippee cry all of those of you
unfortunate enough to still have to work for a living.
All ready to go.
"B" is for bean plants of the runner variety bought
at the local garden centre on the annual bank holiday pilgrimage.
The south facade.
"B" is for the battlements of Castle Long Dog looking magnificent on
this sunny summer's day.  No arrow slits or indeed crennelations
for the purists but tant pis as we used to say many lifetimes ago.
"B" is for barbie, the first of the year and certainly not the fraught
sort of affair complete with burnt offerings to which I have become
accustomed over the years.  No, this was all so laid back it
was almost horizontal, no danger of salmonella and
no having to slip the raw bits to the dogs when nobody was looking.
It was wonderful.
And finally, "B" is for badly snapped lupin because I couldn't find
any begonias, butterflies or bunnies to fit the bill.  It's also for
bum but as all the workmen have gone now I couldn't find
one of those either for your amusement although let me see .....
That should lower the tone nicely!

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