Monday, 19 May 2014

The devil makes work ......

not only for idle hands but, in my case, idle feet too.
You put your right foot in, your right foot out ....
 Please don't be alarmed, this is not some new and rather
strange foot fetish that I have developed of late
nor was I attending a meeting of one-legged women.
It is a photo taken accidentally whilst trying to
kick start my camera back into life.
The feet in question belong to myself and the lovely
Mrs Cassidy, stitcher extraordinaire and friend in a million.
But as usual I digress.
The image reminded me of an incident which took place last week.
You know how it is, time on your hands,
not much to do and the next thing you know your
thoughts have transported you back to those heady days of your
youth when, in my case, I could put both feet behind my
head and think nothing of it.

I think most of you will guess what is coming next.
At the very moment that my left foot locked arthritically
behind my left ear cramp struck in my left hip.
It was nearly midday and no one else was due back in the
house until six o'clock at the earliest.
Small beads of sweat broke out on my upper lip,
I was glad that I had decided to have a wee before.
and not after, my trip down memory lane, panic swiftly turned
to hysteria followed by a fit of the giggles and I
wondered how I would explain my plight to the ambulance
crew who I was convinced would feature somewhere
in my latest escapade.

I wonder what happened to my skates?
Eventually I braced myself between the bedhead and the
windowsill, took a deep breath (this helps in a multitude of
tight corners) and pulled the offending foot outwards
and upwards with both hands until it came free.  Oooooof!
Please do not try this at home.


  1. You just made me laugh-laugh-laugh! Great way to start the day. Thanks!

  2. What on earth???? What an image!