Friday, 22 November 2013

The Seven Plagues of Mouline

So far this year Mouche, Geordie and I have been cursed with:

1.  piddling rats
2.  pooing mice
3.  angry hornets
4.  bewildered bees
5.  determined ants and
6.  today's offering is swarming flies

I'm going to open a book on what the next one will be. 
All you have to do to place your bet is simply send me your prediction for No 7
but hurry as you never know when the next pestilence will arrive!
Jacqueline, before you decide to guess "woodworm" that doesn't count
because they come under the auspices of
"a necessary evil" here at the Chateau.
The only reason the place has been standing for so long
is because they all hold hands.
It's a strange quirk they have but
"Don't let go chaps and for heaven's sake don't applaud!"

Pass me the number six fly swat please Mouche there are matters to attend to
 and then perhaps afterwards we can make a batch of
Garibaldi biscuits with the left overs.
Waste not, want not as Granny H would have said. 


  1. Ooh yes, Garibaldis - dry fly biscuits as we call them! No my next predication is for a cascade of angels....... chipolata, sprout, sage and onion stuffing, Bisto, Sandemans port bearing angels :)

  2. itsy-bitsy spiders


  3. predication? Me and my fingers seem to going our separate ways!