Wednesday, 6 November 2013

This week just gets better and better .....

.... and it's only Wednesday!
First of all a food parcel arrived from Blightey.
No Alice dear it wasn't just shoved through the cat flap.
Scotch eggs, hot crossed buns, microwavable tiny Christmas puddings,
mince pies and a hunk of strong Cheddar.  My cup, as well as my freezer,
truly runneth over now.
All my needs seem to have been thought of:
- delicious foodie treats to nibble my way through the winter,
- lots of new reading matter to keep the brain ticking over
- and little Dolores in Marseilles has kindly sent me a
surprise gift of some of the wonderful soap from her region.
I don't think it was a hint!  It's really exciting to
receive a parcel when you weren't expecting a delivery.
Merci beaucoup D!
Did I say "all my needs"?

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