Saturday, 9 November 2013

Poppy Day

At this time of year when we remember the dead of two World Wars and other subsequent conflicts around the globe. and knowing something of what it is like to have come from a military family (albeit second generation), my thoughts seem naturally to have turned to soldiers, their loved ones and just what they put at risk each day as part of their jobs just to keep us all safe.  We owe them all such an enormous debt of gratitude which we occasionally forget and this is really what prompted me to write the following lines. 
What happens to our heroes when they come home again from war?
What happens to our brave young men, heads full of things they saw?
Do we shower them with honours, give them the freedom of the town?
No, they're all too soon forgotten when there's no enemies around.
What happens to the families of the men who don't come back?
What happens to the widows left to "soldier on" alone?
And what about their children, no more football with their dad
Just mummy coping best she can and oh so very sad.
What happens to the soldiers who've lost an arm or leg?
Do we pat them on the shoulder, shall we send them out to beg?
And what about the others who still fight on in their heads
Remembering all their comrades, some sore wounded, others dead.
What happens when it kicks off next and men go off to war?
Come lads the call to duty, you've seen it all before.
So grab your combat vests my boys, face front and shoulders straight
We need your skills, come risk your lives, there's enemies at the gate!
Goose Green, Falkland Islands.
 Thank you all. 


  1. A powerful poem and a poignant reminder of the tragedy war is. Thank you too.

  2. Former girl soldier thanks you for your eloquence and remembrance.

  3. As a Viet Nam era Air Force brat, I appreciate your words. Whole families suffered with the vet and still suffer. It is wonderful that current vets come home to honor, but still they cannot feed their families as they do not make living wages, while politicians take unearned pay increases.