Friday, 30 August 2013

Which way do you naturally screw?

I ask this question quite seriously and it is not in any way meant as a cheap attempt to pry into your private lives although if there are any of you who wish to respond in that spirit kindly do so in a plain, brown paper email marked for the attention of Long Dog's own agony aunt Mouche.

So that's where my eye liner went!
Please hear me out while I attempt a hasty explanation lest you start leaving the blog in droves in search of something cross stitchey which sits more easily within your comfort zones.

This week I had a very strange experience of a screwing nature which has left me deeply perplexed.  I had just sat down to a steaming hot bowl of freshly cooked wholemeal spaghetti (yes Alice, the brown stuff), topped with a home made sauce of tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, olives and anchovies when I instantly encountered a major problem.  A real foodie dilemma.  Screw as I would the pasta just would not curl lovingly aroung my fork en route to my mouth.

The spaghetti harvest in full swing,.
After several abortive attempts in my normal way without result I employed a change of tactics and decided to screw anti-clockwise.  And there you have it in a pasta shell, I had encountered, for the first time in my life, a dish of left-handed spaghetti!!!

View from bathroom window at the Chateau
What I want to know is whether I am alone in these findings, has anyone else ever experienced resistance to clockwise screwing or have the growers gone over to a genetically modified left hand threaded plant.  Perhaps my packet of spag was an escapee from a consignment destined for the antipodes where even the bath water empties the wrong way.  Eh Louise!  Your thoughts on this matter would be much appreciated and I'm sure the Anonymous Zitella will have something profound to say on the subject.

The nasturtiums have done well beside the cave this year.
Apart from that life here at the Chateau has trundled on without mishap this week, no ominous buzzing noises coming from either of the chimneys, no mini tornadoes leaving smashed garden furniture in their wake, not even an inquisitive lizard in my knicker drawer.  All very normal and, dare I say it, just a tidsey bit dull after all the high adrenaline happenings of late.

Geordie pondering the meaning of life and what sort of a thread he's got.
Next week I shall be able to tell you all about the latest member of team Long Dog who will be taking up her duties very soon.  See you then.


  1. I have never been able to master the art of spaghetti twirling but am of the ilk who resort to cutting their spaghetti into little bite size chunks. (Sacrilege, I know!) Sorry I can't help you solve your dilemma!!

  2. It has something to do with the straight of the grain.

  3. I usually fork up a load of noodles, then place the tines in the bowl of a spoon and twist. Only you would have left- handed spaghetti. I do so miss you.