Sunday, 4 August 2013

When does "pissed off" become an art form?

Not an idle question I might add.  I ask because I think I have finally managed to elevate it to that status.  Read on ......  today's poem needs no further explanation and there are no pictures because I simply wasn't in the mood to go in search of any.


I don't know how to tell you this
But I have ANOTHER problem!
It's hornets - great big hairy ones
And there's really a lot of them.

I thought at first it was the wind
Just whispering in the chimney
But then I thought "no wind today"
And that is when I saw them!

Has anyone a stiff top lip
To glue beneath my nose?
I've really had enough of this
And could do with one of those.

It's also very costly
Keeping nature's pests at bay.
I'll have to call in pest control
To make them go away,

Perhaps I was quite wicked
In some long past life
Perhaps I killed my lover
And stabbed him with a knife?

All I know is - I'M FED UP!
It's always on a Sunday!
I'll just sit here with my swotter

Now do you understand?  On a positive note, at least I only have two chimneys for them to occupy.  Perhaps I should put out a sign saying "Beavers welcome" although I think that could get a girl into all sorts of other trouble!

I do hope that's his tail!


  1. Yuh, you nailed it. Box elder bugs at the top of my list, each with its very own mean disposition.

  2. Here in lower Alabama, it's fire ants.

  3. I've just Googled fire ants and think I'll stick with the hornets. Better the devil you know. Pest control has done the necessary, by the way, and all is now quiet here for five minutes.