Friday, 2 August 2013

P is for Pinterest

I cannot believe how many people there still are out there in cyber-space yet to discover the joys of Pinterest.  I'm totally hooked, fascinated, obsessed and amused all at the same time.  It's not like driving, you won't go off the road as I so often do when something catches my eye, so take a look over to your right where you will see the P for Pinterest button.  Now hover your cursor over it and in one quick click you will be transported to another world.

The first of my whopping 101 boards you come to is, predictably, Long Dog Samplers with all sorts of things for you to admire and lust after.  There's a board for the lace lovers amongst you under it's French name of "dentelle".
Hands up if you're into scent bottles as you'll find oodles of them much prettier than these on the Bouteilles & Bocaux board.  And don't just stop there, have a look at "To be a pilgrim" - you'll be quite shocked at some of the bawdy things on there.
You'll find all sorts of ideas to inspire new projects.  Where else could you instantly find something exciting to do with a whole load of old shirt buttons? 
What really gives me a buzz is to see what people decide to repin to their own boards and by far the most popular subject is underwear - and the racier the better.  Curiously, the second favourite is designer pottery, particularly the very wacky pieces that you have to look at twice before you know which way up they are meant to be.
So far I seem to have notched up a staggering 4740 pins and have 119 followers already.  Now how come there's more people following me on Pinterest than follow this blog which, incidentally, takes far more time and thought to produce?  You should  know what's coming next by now - if you aren't already an official follower please rectify this oversight immediately.  Sorry, I seem to have typed that with my posh accent.
And, what's more, once you've finished looking at all my jolly, weird, wacky pictures just cursor up to the search bar, type in a name or a subject you're into and off you go again with more things to look at than you could shake a stick at.  But wait ..... don't stop there, sign up for yourself and become a "Pinter-o-maniac" like me.

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