Sunday, 9 December 2012

All I said was that .....

I didn't think we'd really bother to do much else in the way of decorations this year, in the given circumstances, other than the one little ivy plant you've already seen when Geordie let out a low, keening lament from deep within his Celtic soul accompanied by Mouche with the descant.  They sounded like a set of bagpipes being crushed by a dumper truck.

Not wishing to hurt their doggie feelings any further I quickly capitulated (no they can't touch you for it Mary Sue, she's not really on this planet poor soul) and rushed off to see what the rats had left us to play with.  Not a lot but press on regardless.
First up the dresser - "and so it continued by day and by night".  Oh! no, I'm having carol flashbacks now.  I wonder if there's a medical term for it?  Criminally insane - now that really wasn't very helpful Alice, not to mention hurtful.  Let's press on.
Camilla particularly liked this idea and thought she might be able to adapt it slightly with Charles' ears in mind - I always thought she had a slightly malicious streak.  Just time to do a spot of cooking if I get a wiggle on.
What do you mean - what on earth is that?  Admittedly my baking is more Cordon Noire than Bleu but it smells delicious just ask the dogs who at this moment are forming a disorderly queue for a piece.  It's an apple, raspberry and cinnamon pastie sort of thing.  Pass the cream.
The Token (available from your LNS - there's just time to order your copy before Christmas) is now finished so I'll just have to find something else to do when it gets dark - I hope you didn't hear what Fergie just said.  (I thought I'd barred her from this blog, she must have hacked in again).
You don't think I'm taking this whole dog loving thing a bit far do you?  Now while I finish these off I want a bit more frenzy on this blog - more hits, more comments - cat got your tongues? (sorry Mouche I forgot that the "c" word gets you going) and more followers I'd really love to beat 30 before the holidays so see what you can do.  Regulo 10? - that can't be right.


  1. The token is gorgeous! Your blog is funny and makes me laugh, but I frequently have no idea what you are talking about! Lol! Keep it up!

    1. To be perfectly honest very often neither have I!

  2. I also find your blog very entertaining and most of the time I think I actually understand your references! By the way, the proof of a pastie is in the eating -I'd like a bite, please. :-)

  3. Have you SEEN how many Passers-by have stopped to take a peek? Wow!! And also, I think you snuck the post in, just below the rat catcher and truffle boar and above the shiny new wheels. I never saw it till today and now am drooling for that pastie thing. Turnover I might call it here. Also, regretting I stitched the Token all in red when I now love your Navy, light blue and pale olive color combo. You are always one step ahead of me on the great ideas!!