Thursday, 13 December 2012

Just rattlin' around ....

.... which is not quite bored but not exactly doing anything constructive either, how nice is that?  No guests to prepare for so no frantic cleaning, bedmaking or food preparation - bliss!  So while you poor souls get daily more stressed with the whole festive season package I'm - just rattlin' around.

Here's where I sit just next to the window constantly on the lookout for bailiffs or itinerant wine salesmen from Bordeaux - I don't know which is worse, they're both pretty scary.  I've finished my mug of tea so I'd better show you what I've been fiddling with lately .....

Ever since I finished The Token (available from all good LNS etc - you should know the script by heart by now) I have become fixated with this particular motif - what's that the first sign of do you think?  Alice dear remarks like that just aren't very helpful, it's not Tourette's - ****.  Let's press on ....
Oh no! here it is again but in different colours.  I must keep an eye on this and just look at all those beads - what does it all mean?  You remember the mysterious package I gave you a peep of the other day, well here's what was inside .....
A patchwork I made way back when the world was young and I had all my own teeth.  Ah, happy days.  Now all I need to do is to work out how to back the thing which is not really something that I know anything about, I must have been bunking off for that lesson. MarySue ask me again later and I'll explain when I've got a bit more time.  You'd think her mother would have told her wouldn't you.
 I asked Camilla if she knew but she's no idea either because she's got flunkies who do all the boring bits, like backing things, for her.  I wonder whether I'd find anything under "Flunkies" in the Yellow Pages, I must have a look.
 Why am I showing you this?  Hope, it's my keyword for 2013 and just to make sure I don't forget I quickly dashed off a little aide memoire motif.  Perhaps this is the second sign of something unpleasant.  I must try not to panic.  Long Dog's are normally huge and here I am messing about with piddley little motifs.  Is there a doctor yet among my followers?
 Speaking of which, or should it be whom.  we're up to 30 strong now, almost enough to form a small crowd, or a choir, or an orderly queue. Bravo, but don't hold back.  The titled tiaras are multiplying too but I'm still waiting for the one with the Corgi logo - come and join us ma'am, we're much more fun than the Women's Institute.  The picture, by the bye, is of my festive mantle - time to give that other popular French blog a run for it's money - you do know the one I mean Sophie, don't be so obtuse.  It's not clever.


  1. Long Dogs may usually be huge but I've noticed that they're composed of small motifs -I hope this means there's a new one on the way! That's a lovely little motif, by the way, and I do like all the beads.

    1. That's for me to know and you to wonder Connie but somehow I don't think you'll have too long a wait.

  2. That's encouraging! I'll try to be good and not keep asking "Is it ready yet?" :-)

  3. Hmmmmmm.... Beads in a motif? I never thought! I usually stitch my long dogs over one, on high thread counts......I am definitely rethinking this! I am going to revisit my stash. I am thinking Wisdom or Virtue would benefit from a dusting of beads. Or, maybe St Flovier? Lovely, lovely! Regards, Theresa.