Sunday, 3 April 2016

Vladimiras Nikonovas

Vladimiras Nikonovas is an "assemblage" artist who lives and
works in the city of Jonava, Lithuania.

Steady girls, he's still got his shirt on.

In simpler terms, this means that basically he makes things
from junk with a particular penchant for bits of old watches
and clocks.  He can make time fly and has elevated the
old-fashioned mantle clock to dizzy new heights.

I can't find out much more about this geezer except that he
was born on 21st January 1962 which makes him an Aquarian.
This would explain his imagination, unpredictability and tendancy
to work "off-piste".

Since 1989 he's held many exhibitions of his work, not only in
his native country but also in Warsaw, Stockholm, Hamburg and
across the pond in 1997 in Chicago too.

But the Windy City posed no threat to his pieces as they are all
very sturdily made and even those determined gusts of wind straight
off Lake Michigan failed to ruffle the feathers or shimmy the
scales of his fabulous birds and fishes.

Now I'm going to get all arty, farty on you -
'the constant desire for harmony between inner and outer, shape
and form within a strict rationale brings Vlad's works to the
very brink of perfection and closer to the synonym of reality.

He creates images of life into which he plants a soul.
How's that for a bit of Long Doggery?  Probably easier just to
say - I like this bloke's work, it speaks for itself.

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  1. Scrolling downward through the days - this one is rainy and I am bored - and found these delights! I could I have missed them! I love these treasures you discover!