Friday, 29 April 2016

Time for a Rant!

The weather is awful here in Acle where the marshes kiss the sky.
It has been for days, weeks even, and I've got the right royal hump.
I want to go about my lawful business, walk the lanes, skip across
the water meadows and plant my French beans.

The weather must be bad where he is too.

I have stitched so much recently that my right hand seems to have
frozen into a perpetual needle holding shape and my poor bum has
spread at least another few centimeters from all this sitting down.

I get very crabby at times such as this and then I begin to reflect on all
the little niggles of life that really piss me off.  Today my bugbear is the
seemingly universal shortage of common courtesy and good manners
- the oils which keep the complex machinery of human relationships
running smoothly.  Please play nicely children.



Elton John reckons "Sorry seems to be the hardest word."

the Welsh village name which lends it's shortened form to the hauntingly
beautifyl (Welsh spelling) Long Dog design Spirit of Llanfair.
Available as a pdf download direct from me any time you like 24/7.


Please seems to be a difficult word for a lot of people.  
"Always speak with two words pet,"
"Please costs nothing."
Apologies for that disembodied interruption, my granny seems to
think I'm holding one of my seances and has decided to join us across
the ether.  But she's right, it's usage makes life that little bit sweeter and
can turn a blunt demand into a charming request all in the space of six little letters.

Pretty please? (or I will have to kill you).

Well that's the preamble over so now I shall cut straight to my
irritant of the day.  What has happened to "thank you"?
Has it been struck from modern parlance leaving a great gaping hole
where it should have been inserted?  Is it too difficult or time consuming
to write, can no one pronounce the th sound at the beginning?

They must have learned that at puppy training classes.  Good boys.

I may have to issue a small reward for it's safe return.
On second thoughts - please cancel that.  Thank you.  I have just spotted
a strange bright light in the sky and am hopeful that it may be the return
of the sun.  Quick, where did I put those seeds?  Perhaps they're in the
odds and sods drawer along with my "p's" and "q's".
Thank you for reading this.

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