Sunday, 24 April 2016

A bolt of textile artists for your delight

Textile sculpture is the bridge which supports the cross over
point between craft work and fine art.  These creations are in
a realm of their own with a foot in both camps and an 
undeniable appeal to collectors the world over.

More and more examples are finding their way into galleries
and exhibitions and attract the attention of critics and the
media alike.

Mister Finch is an English artist based in Leeds who specialises in
large scale projects such as insects and birds.

British folklore also features heavily in these creations so think crow,
think fox, think hand-dyed fabrics, think slightly on the dark side
- stop, you're there.


Emilie Faif has a unique approach to fabric using fans to air
fill her beguiling installations.


Sadie Brockbank isn't afraid to mix her media.  Her paintings are three
dimensional with animals and birds rising from the canvas and more
often than not finished off with a final layer of patterned or textured
textile for good measure.


Nameless Wonders is the umbrella which covers an entire menagerie of
hand-stitched critters.

You can see the joins, you can see the stitches.
They're stretched, pulled and pushed.  They're unique.
A sort of green taxidermy as no creature suffered in the making.


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