Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A woman of character .......

..... with a very dirty laugh.
Who am I talking about?
There's only one person it can be, apart from myself,
- my cousin, Jan Wright.

Jan has been involved in the textile business for many years.
She's well known in the UK for knitwear design and then
she discovered overlockers and her career took off (just like
her horse Sam), in a totally new and unexpected direction.
She has lectured all over the UK and Europe and has 
produced many books and videos on her subject.

One of my girl friends, Gala, can strip and reassemble a
Kalashnikov rifle in a matter of seconds, a skill she learned
during her school days in Russia, and I'm perfectly sure Jan
could give her a run for her money when it comes to a
Babylock Evolve!  There's nothing that woman doesn't know
or can't do with her trusty machine.

Jan's sewing classes are always accompanied by fits of laughter,
her bespoke concourse d'elegance costumes always bring gasps
of admiration, her horsemanship is inspiring and her jokes are
- unrepeatable even on my blog.

When I called round recently she was busy doing a thousand
things at once as usual so I climbed into her wonderful sewing
studio over bolts of cloth, half stitched saddle blankets, dogs
and various accoutrements (what a wonderful word don't you
think?) to settle down for a good old catch up over a cup of tea
and a couple of custard creams.

Now I've finally got round to what I wanted to tell you about.
Just look at these duvet covers she's put together out of bits and
pieces of surplus lengths of material that have been laying about
for ages waiting for inspiration to strike.  Aren't they something?
And all done on an overlocker!

Lady Muck - she's ever so posh!

If you want to find out more about Jan Wright go to the website
janwright.com  visit her on Facebook at Oh To Sew or watch out
for my little cousin and Sam taking part in horse shows 
and equestrian events across the UK - she's the one with the
big grin and all the rosettes!

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  1. Excuse me.....did you just call me POSH? A Peckham girl? Oh purlease! Many thanks for the bigup, coz. xxx