Friday, 15 January 2016

A new resolution, a bit of a challenge?

When I was a fag smoking, gin slurping party girl
way back in the day I never had any trouble
finding something to either give up. temporarily
abstain from or improve upon during the
ghastly, grotty, dreary month of January.

Just an average night out in Acle.

If you're going to make yourself miserable then
you might as well do it at the worst possible time
just to make the whole resolution business even
more bloody not only for you but for those poor
sods who have to live with you too.

I wonder if I'll get a free one for advertising?

Well now my life isn't like that.  Practically my only
little indulgence is a quick squirt of good perfume
every morning whatever I'm doing be it a trip into
the City or a spell of digging at the allotment.
The more expensive the better.

As I now live on my own and all my hormones are
either dead or in remission of some sort I think you
can probably guess where this is going - the sins of
the flesh don't feature on my list either.  (I thought
that was rather tastefully put by my standards)!

Wonder what happened to the poor dude's tail?

I would rather go up a skyscraper (they terrify me) than
give up my love of running dogs, I'd probably starve if
I gave up sewing so that only leaves me with one option.


No blog posts, no reading other people's blog posts,
no cheery photo's on my Facebook personal page or snaps of
crumpled, out of focus bits of stitching on the Long Dog one.
And, hardest of all - no leaving of comments(one of life's
little pleasures) or hitting the "like" button willy nilly.

Why do all the fun things look like they might be illegal?

Still I can always go for a walk, clean the Lock-Up,
tidy a few cupboards, read a book.  So what am I waiting for?

I have no idea either, I'll let you know when I work it out.

Wish me luck and see you on the 23rd when
I've got a brand new design to set your little hearts a flutter
and your Paypal balances dropping.  TTFN.  Over and out!


  1. Good luck with the mini resolution!

  2. oh good luck, I tried that once and failed miserably! You will be missed.

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  4. We will wait for your return as long as you have a new pretty fou us when you return! Sharon themadknitter