Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Today is Epiphany, we three kings and all that stuff.

If you happen to be in France it's the day to eat your
Galettes des Rois whilst wearing a golden crown
and trying to avoid breaking your teeth on the
little porcelain "feve" hidden inside.

Some of these traditional charms can be really beautiful
(depending on how much you pay for your galette)
whilst others are rather tacky, Disney style offerings
which don't seem to have anything to do with the festival
whatsoever.  First time round I nearly swallowed mine
so you have been warned!

Epiphany Spanish style!

El die de los Reyes in Spain is a major celebration
for which the Spanish turn out in their thousands to
see the parades.  It's also the day the children receive their
presents.  I wonder how many of them actually manage
to wait that long?

But for my money I think I prefer the other meaning
of "epiphany" - a moment of sudden and great revelation!

Epiphany - cat style!

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