Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Post Downton blues

Well that's it.  Downton is over and a great
big hole has opened up in my television viewing,
Although War & Peace is doing it's very
best to plug the gap..

So no spoilers for those of you who haven't
been lucky enough to see the last series/episode
yet, especially you Candace.

But even though Downton will no longer be on my
"mustn't miss" list I don't seem to have managed
to get that era out of my system yet.

All that wonderful lace.

No Alice dear, the arrow isn't pointing to a nit.

Those fabulous hairstyles that I can only dream about.
Edwardian women had too much hair for their
own good in my opinion.  Just imagine getting
nits in that lot!

You should have thought of that before you pulled the strings.

Those cinched in waists.  No wonder they
all used to faint at the drop of a top hat.
I think I'll stick with elasticated waistbands,
not quite so elegant but certainly more confortable.

Can you see where it dripped?

Then there's always more of that beautiful
lace.  At least in those days they had servants
to get the red wine stains out for you.
This one looks like a very fancy bib.

And then there's the men - what time are
you opening today Mr Selfridge?
Looks like he might have had a bit of a late night.

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