Monday, 14 October 2013

The message is finally getting through .......

.... and a tiny trickle of your photos has started arriving here at the Chateau.
In the past you've all either been too shy, too busy, too lazy
or all three, to share your magnificent efforts but at last the tide has begun to turn.
This proud beauty is Mouline Rouge heavily disguised in Royal Purple thread by Laura.
I can't tell you much else as Laura is something of a mystery woman who doesn't
give much away about herself (unlike some of you I could name).
  Where does she live?  Does she like dogs?  What colour material did she use?
Does she have a secret lover?  ... we shall probably never know.
But she does have the stamina and determination necessary to finish
 one of the big Long Dogs.
So welcome to the Mouline Rouge Finishers Club Laura. 
How many more of you are out there I wonder?


  1. Wow! I love Laura's finish of Mouline Rouge in the Royale Purple. Beautiful!

  2. Sorry to not give the resume on this when I sent it! I live in Virginia, USA. Like dogs but am owned by cats. MR is stitched on 34Ct Natural Plantation Legacy linen with Splendor silk. As to the other, a girl must have her secrets! Laura