Friday, 4 October 2013

Cast your minds back to last June ...

... because that's when Martha and Carl, a pair of intrepid Californian adventurers, paid us a visit here at the Chateau.  Of course you remember Alice dear, they left big ruts in my lawn with their wagon.

Since then Martha has been very busy with her needle and I can now proudly present, on her behalf, Tyler's Lion all bright eyed, bushy tailed and beautifully framed for your delight.

Martha's version was worked one over two on 40 count linen in Au Ver a Soie silk, a real labour of love.  Bravo my woman, job done - now onto the next one!
Martha purchased the chart and all her needlework
requisites from the lovely Jean L Lea at
Mesa, Arizona
(That's one you owe me Jean!)
Keep them coming, we all love to see what you've been up to because
 there's a voyeur in all of us just waiting for a peep.


  1. Wow, Tyler's Lion is another beauty and MUST HAVE! I really love the color of fabric and silks used in the model above. Do you know which fabric she used for this - and what color of AVAS?

    1. Soie d'Alger blanc optic 45 meters x 1.5 skeins on Lakeside Linens blue 40 count (colour in photo is very accurate). For any further info/order contact Jean at Attic Needlework - see ad.