Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Get your baskets ......

.... it's market day, hope we can find somewhere to park.
We're nice and early so it's not too crowded yet.
Chrysanthemums everywhere because it's Toussaint on Friday when people
all over Europe remember the dead and place flowers on family graves.
How about a spot of Christmas shopping while we're here?
Not sure how much bread there is at home so I'll grab a baguette to be on the safe side.
No wonder most people buy on line these days.
This is the only DMC outlet for miles around!
An apple a day keeps the hangover at bay.
You'd never guess that she's an under cover drug squad officer would you.
Perhaps those black things on the stall behind aren't as innocent as they look.
Best move on sharpish.
Time for a quick coffee and a spot of people watching
but from inside the cafe today where it's warmer.
The mushrooms look good and are locally picked at first light
by teams of  starving OAPs all looking to augment their meagre stipends.
Geordie always finds market days particularly tiring.
Where he falls so shall he rest!


  1. Wonderfully entertaining glimpse into life in France.
    Why are the trees wrapped?
    Geordie's posture reminds me of Blek Barfington, le chat.

    1. They're wrapped because they're "cafe umbrellacus" trees which have to be kept dry in inclement weather. Can't say I know le chat Blek Barfington but I'm sure I'd like his style.