Friday, 26 July 2013

Some stitching for a change after a weather update

Last night the daddy of all storms swept through the Loire Valley leaving a trail of devastation in it's wake and ..... yes Alice dear, even you have guessed what's coming next.  Let's just say that I know exactly what tiles sound like as they toboggan merrily down the roof before smashing on the terrace below and I have a horrible feeling that the local roofers packed up yesterday for their three week annual hols .....aaaargh!!!!

Now to business of the day.  First of all I want to share with you Kathy's finished and framed Paradigm Lost.  Bravo Kathy, it's one of the big ones and not something you can knock off in a couple of hours.  It's usually round about page eight of a large design that I start to flag a bit and want it finished so that I can get on to something else.  Keep them coming .....

I've been busy too but for reasons of security can't show more than a snippet of current WIPs or I would have to kill you all afterwards to ensure secrecy.  What I can show you, however, are the following little bits and pieces to whet your appetites.
Have I gone into fabric design?  Will it be all one colour or part of a technicolour extravaganza?  Is it the right way up?  How big will it be?   Aah hah!
And what's this all about.  Is it anything to do with the other picture above or something completely different?  Aah hah!
The start of even more things to come - nice colours eh?  I've been rattling along on this one all week and think it would be safe to show you .....
.... the back, without giving too much away.  When will it be finished, when will it be released, when can you have a proper look?  Aah hah!  That's for me to know and you to wonder.
The garden is particularly lovelly right now (up until last night) and the roses this year, despite such an awful spring and a late start, are putting on a magnificent display - except for the ones which Geordie can reach, he's developed a taste for rose buds!  Can you smell them?
Talk of the devil and he will surely appear.  Here he is, the under gardener helping me with the watering!  Bless.  I'm away to do a spot of logging as there are great lumps of branch everywhere and even some garden furniture which I don't recognise - not so much "gone" as "come" with the wind I suppose.

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