Friday, 5 July 2013

So, how was your week?

.... "varied" is the word that best sums up mine.

Apart from the launch of the new design last weekend (see above, and buy immediately if you haven't already) which is always a busy time there has been much else going on Chez Long Dog to tell you about. 
At the start of the week I had a visit from an old school chum who I haven't seen for over fifty years who, even with lots of imagination and viewed in a good light, I still wouldn't have recognised.  Perhaps he was really an impostor and not my mate from behind the bike sheds after all!  Still it passed an animated hour or three so do you hear me complaining?  That's him, the big one with the guitar.  Rock on Robert!
Last week also saw the first intrepid visitors from America here at the chateau,  Good old Carl and Martha from Upland, California together with their son and daughter-in-law finally managed to track me down to my lair with the aid of GPS and their plucky pioneering spirit.  That wagon played havoc with my new grass.  Bravo to them, nice to meet you, home made apple tart all round,  Who will be next I wonder to risk the Loire river rapids?
I've also been taking advantage of some better weather to fly around the estate with hair streaming loose in the evening breeze on Valkerie One, my bright red tractor.  How's this for multi-tasking although it's a little difficult, well OK - downright dangerous - to sew, steer and avoid Geordie all at once.  I reach wharp six and still managed to clingon (Trekkie joke).  Note to me: see if insurance covers this!
In idle moments I've just started on a new design due to be released in a few light years time.  What do you think of the colour - GAST Briar Rose, to match and rhyme with my nose.
And as for Glastonbury which seems to be on every TV channel at the moment and almost entirely taken over by wrinkly old rockers - been there, done that and already got the T-shirt yonks ago when it really hummed and the toilets fought back.  That's me and my big sis way back when in case you're wondering - I'm the one on the right.  Must go, I can hear them playing my song - "Wheels on fire, mowing down the road ....."  La-di-dah-di-da, la-di-dah-di-dee!

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  1. Love your new design! What is the name of this one? I definitely want to purchase it.