Sunday, 21 July 2013

Quick update

Having decided that chemical attack was the way to go, I let fly at the ants with everything in my arsenal, including the aphid spray for roses just in case it happened to work on them too, and did my version of a Sioux wardance all over them for good measure.

I then opened all the windows and the French doors onto the garden, dragged the dog beds (after a good shake) and my own bedding into the lounge and settled down for a rather uncomfortable and very hot night well away from my little black visitors.

At first light this morning they appear to have all gone back to whence they came and "ant death" now features on my shopping list for tomorrow when I shall be popping into town.  As does one of these .....

Thanks for the vac idea, unfortunately mine isn't working but Geordie is - he's just bought a live hare into the kitchen.  Here we go again ....... will it never end?


  1. You should read Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson to Geordie one day.....

  2. Geordie sounds like quite the provider! One memorable evening our mighty hunters brought in a chipmunk, a bat, and a weasel. We still refer to it as the night of the unholy trinity.

  3. How goes the war of the ants? Hope you are winning

  4. Have a very Happy Birthday!!!