Saturday, 13 April 2013

Fancy a bit of fun dearie?

Well you've come to the right place.  Way back in the day when I used to earn my living armed only with a set of rune stones and a pack of Tarot cards this is an ice-breaker par excellence which I often used at workshops to make everyone feel at home.

So let's find out what makes you tick shall we?  Yes I did say tick Alice dear and not thick, but in your case I think the jury is still out.
All you need to join in is, no - not a set of car keys Camilla (goodness knows who she's been mixing with recently), simply something to write on, something to write with and a few minutes of your precious time.  Why not have a cup of tea and make an occasion of it?
Now if you're sitting comfortably we can begin.  I want you to do a drawing which should include the following five components:
- the sun
- a house
- a tree
- a river, and
- a snake!
It can be as simple or as complex as you like - there are no rules as you will later discover.
That's it!  Time's up! Put your picture somewhere safe because over the next few weeks we'll be going on a voyage of discovery.  Trust that silly mare from Essex to think I'm talking about a cruise.  Our destination is not Bermuda, it's somewhere infinitely more interesting (and cheaper too!) - it's to the innermost recesses of your mind!  Such fun .......

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